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Log for 2019


Sunday 13th - Brightona ride - Photos

7 Hogsback members, aka The Magnificent Seven(!) and led by Peter Ostinelli, braved the weather and rode to the Brightona event. They were all lucky to miss the rain, and once at the event they enjoyed the stalls there - especially the refreshments: tea, coffee, fish & chips plus a 99!

The 'Famous Five' ride back to Rykas was again led by Peter using the “Buddy System”, which worked excellently, and was finished off with more tea and coffee! Thanks to Stephen Foster and Roger Bonnici for backmarking.

Saturday 5th - RTTW - Photos

Thursday 3rd - Club Night - Photos



Sunday 29th - Horsham AmeriCARna ride - Photos

Nasty wet and windy weather meant a very low turnout for this ride led by Stephen Foster and assisted by Andy Williams and Chris North.

Saturday 28th - Support our Veterans ride - Photos

Fri 27th - Mon 30th : Blazin' 50's Rally - Photos

Peter Ostinelli led a total of 5 riders and 1 pillion from GH-D for the ride to Hayling Island for the New Forest Chapter's end of season rally 'Blazing 50's'. The decision was made that due to the weather that a direct route straight forward ride down the A3 to the venue would be most appropriate. Despite some very strong headwinds, all arrived safely.

Once at the Rally site and everyone had checked in (there were 29 Hogsback members in attendance) the festivities begun and as per usual, the rally was a huge success. There was no led ride back as everyone was departing at different times. Thanks to John Holmes for back-marking.

Sunday 22nd - New Forest ride

This ride was cancelled.

Saturday 21st - Apache Cafe ride - Photos

Gary Tew led 15 Harleys on this brisk sunny September Saturday morning ride. Almost immediately upon setting off from The Princess Royal, and blessed with almost perfect riding conditions, our intrepid leader realised that despite having recced the ride four times, he hadn’t hooked up his sat-nav, so after bringing the ride to a short stop we were all once again on our way!

After traveling along some fast A roads and at almost parade speed through Stockbridge town centre, we were soon at our destination. However, it took some breakfasts almost as long to arrive from the kitchen as the hour long ride had done!

There was a micro light meeting at the airfield and we watched as these unsteady looking machines seemingly made out of bamboo and bed sheets took to the air. Eventually all fed and watered we set off for a return ride to GH-D. Thanks go to Alasdair Denton-Miller and Paul Taylor for carrying out the back marking duties.

Sunday 15th - Breakfast at the Castle ride - Photos

Saturday 14th - Kempton Park Motorcycle Auto Jumble ride - Photos

Warm sunny weather accompanied the 15 Bikes Jane Robertson led along a scenic route to the race course. After a good walk around the many stalls, a bite to eat and money well spent on the stalls, she led the ride back to GH-D dropping off David Free at Guildford tyres as he had a slow puncture. Peeps then enjoyed finishing off the afternoon socialising with a coffee. Thanks to John Holmes and Pete Hillier for back marking.

Wednesday 11th - Barbara's Bucket List ride - Photos

Road Captain Chris North led 15 bikes and 2 trikes, back marked by Pete Hillier and Alistair Denton-Miller, from GH-D to Huntington & Langham care home in Hindhead. One of the residents was an elderly lady called Barbara, who is suffering with Parkinson’s decease, and had always wanted to ride on a Harley. Hogsback Chapter rose to the challenge and assisted her achieve her bucket list wish. The whole event was recorded for ITV on a rather damp and cloudy day.

Sunday 8th - The Not So Secret Bunker ride - Photos

Saturday 7th - New Members ride 3, Boot sale & LoH Macmillans Coffee Morning @ GH-D - Photos

The third new members ride of 2019 was attended by 6 New Members and one pillion with 20+ members supporting the following ride out in 2 Groups to Cowfold. Following a bite to eat the ride consolidated with a large ride back to GH-D.

An excellent day at the dealership boot fair. The Chapter table manned by Roger Bonnici, Gary Morss, David Hardcastle and Alan Wise with help from Chris Doody, Paul Cutler and Dave Francis raised £310.00 for Chapter charities.

At the same time, the coffee morning run by the Ladies of Harley (Irene Pollard, Alison Green, Jean Hardcastle, Linda Reed, Tracey Bonnici, Lin Rogers, Anne, Linda Bailey, Jane Baxter with special mention for Julie Legg) raised £399.04. A big thank you to everyone for their hard work in baking, serving the various types of teas and coffee and of course the cake eaters.

Well done everyone involved and the team at GH-D for their support.

Thursday 5th - Club Night - Photos

A busy Club Night with lots of new members and new Assistant Director Paul Cutler being officially unveiled.

Tuesday 3rd - Joseph Weld Hospice ride - Photos

Ride leader Ken Hall led 6 bikes down to this Hospice in Dorchester and after a quick cuppa, took out a bunch of patients and staff for rideouts. Major incidence of huge smiles, waves, cheers and applause, and a few tears (of joy mixed with sadness). And yes, we have been invited back next year!

Sunday 1st - Borde Hill ride - Photos

On a lovely sunny morning Paul Andrews led a small group of 5 to meet up with riders from 1066, Reading and Lakeside Chapters. Approximately 45 bikes then made their way through the countryside to Borde Hill where we displayed our Harleys to the general public. We then chilled out on the grass and listened to cool music while chewing the cud with fellow HoG members. Small Hogsback turnout as the date clashed with two Weekend Away rides totalling nearly 50 bikes!



Saturday 31st - NO RIDE

Fri 30th - Mon 2nd : Tanks In Mons - Photos 1 | 2 | 3

Dell Evans led 33 Harleys and 49 people on a full-on long weekend enjoying the hospitality of the Mons Chapter. They treated us like royalty from the police escort to the hotel, escorted ride outs to treating us to dinner and even taxiing us to dinner and back. Lovely people - we will be back.

Thurs 29th - Mon 2nd : Winefest - Photos 1 | 2

Robin Seymour led a party of 18 to the winefest and other than Saturday night the weather was great. There was a little dropsy on the way back but no injuries. Thanks to Vince, Howard and Martin for Backmarking.

Monday 26th - BH - Sea Lane Cafe ride - Photos

Sunday 25th - Harley Days Ace Cafe ride - Photos

On a glorious sunny morning 14 bikes left Ryka's led by Road Captain Chris North (replacing Road Captain Peter Ostinelli) and back marked by Road Captain Chris Doody. Blisteringly hot on the London roads but without any trouble, we sailed into the iconic Ace Café on the North Circular.

Unfortunately the bikes there were a mixture of everything and didn’t have the feel of pure Harley nostalgia. So after an hour of replenishing liquids most of us set off via A40-M25 to the A3 or where ever it was convenient.

Sunday 25th - Limburg Chapter Departure - Photos

Saturday 24th - Summer BBQ - Photos 1 | 2 | 3

Saturday 24th - Limburg Chapter ride - Photos

Friday 23rd - Limburg Chapter Meet and Greet - Photos

Fri 23rd - Sun 25th: Visit of Limburg Chapter

Fri 23th - Mon 26th : Amsterjam Sweet - Photos

Twelve intrepid Hogsbackers on eight bikes enjoyed a gloriously sunny and hot long weekend away to Holland, staying in a very comfortable modern hotel just ten minutes bus ride from the centre of Amsterdam. The ride out on the first day mixed main roads and back route country roads, stopping for coffees and lunch, arriving at our destination just after five o'clock in the afternoon. A few‘sherberts’ were enjoyed before retiring.

The next day was an unhurried ride firstly to the Harley dealership in Alkmaar just north of Amsterdam, continuing on to Marken to the east for a very leisurely and enjoyable lunch by a small picturesque harbour. After returning to the hotel and a short rest, the group jumped on the bus, which stopped right outside the hotel, to the centre of town and an enjoyable meal.

The third day was spent at each person’s leisure, exploring Amsterdam’s culture, architecture, canals and shops. The return home on the fourth day was vis a lunch stop on the coast in Ostend, before continuing to the Eurotunnel for the train crossing back to ‘Blighty’. Everyone enjoyed a fabulously, relaxing weekend.

Sunday 18th - Taste of Thailand ride - Photos

On arrival at the meet, it ended up being a 'Taste of England' due to the torrential rain! We all sheltered under a tree for a couple of hours as no one had water proof gear, only mesh before Jane Robertson led 7 bikes on a a ride to Max’s cafe instead for brunch. Eventually, the rain stopped and we enjoyed our brunch sitting outside in the warm sunshine. Thanks to John Holmes and Dell Evans for back marking.

Sunday 18th - Slow Riding Course 2 - Photos

The Second of the slow riding courses took place at Gibraltar Barracks with 9 members from Hogsback attended along with 3 RoSPA members. RoSPA also provided 4 instructors for the event which was enjoyed by all that attended. Donations of £100 was received and half given to RoSPA to give to a charity of their choice, which was the Air Ambulance, and the other half given to the barracks for their charity which was the Camp welfare house. RoSPA were able to lay out some different exercises from first event which tested the riders skills in different ways. Vince Pyle was ably assisted by Pete Hillier and Chris Doody.

Saturday 17th - Choppers + Classics @ GH-D - Photos

Sat 17th - Sun 18th : Geezers Only - Photos

Saturday 17th - Observed Ride 2 - Photos

The second of the observed rides took place with 3 members present which was a disappointingly low number. A presentation of about an hour was followed by the 3 observers, Chris Doody, Pete Hillier and Steve Routh taking a participant each for a ride of approx. 45 minutes. Feedback was offered at the completion of the ride.

Fri 9th - Sun 11th : Convergence Cirencester 2019 - Photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Despite the weather being unkind to us the rally was a great success. Robin Seymour and his team of helpers did us proud putting on 2 full packed days and Vince Pyle kept us safe on a blustery ride out. Thanks to Iceni and 1066 for turning up in force plus Mons Chapter for the long journey- all stated they will be back and we will make it bigger and better next year.

Sunday 4th - Selsey Lifeboats ride - Photos

Stephen Foster, with support from Dell Evans and Peter Ostinelli, led a large contingent of Chapter members (51 bikes / 58 Chapter members) on a nice run down through the South Downs to Chichester to meet up with 1066, New Forest and Thames Valley Chapters for the onward ride (150 bikes) led by 1066 into Selsey.

Saturday 3rd - Ride to Camber - Photos

Thursday 1st - Club Night - Photos


Sunday 28th - Let's Twist Again ride - Photos

Dik Gregory led a group of 10 bikes on a 50 mile progressive ride through the largely empty twists and turns of the A272 in beautifully cool, dry weather for a well-earned brunch and cuppa at the iconic Loomies Motos Café. Thanks to Gary Morss and Paul Cutler for their support at the back.

Saturday 27th - Calne ride - Photos

4 participants braved the weather, including Mike Harvey who traveled from Southampton (with now wet riding gear!), and were rewarded when they arrived at Calne with a lovely dry sunny day. The Calne Bike Meet this year had to be one of the busiest ride leader Peter Ostinelli has encountered and all the group enjoyed themselves. There was no led ride back as everyone had their own schedules to meet.

Fri 26th - Sun 28th : Snowdonia - Photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

25 Members went off to Wales to savour the delights of Welsh hospitality. Great fun was had bimbling around Snowdonia and Angelsey and an uneventful ride there and back. Thanks to Alistair Jez and Vince for helping the group along.

Thursday 25th - RH-D Bike Night ride - Photos

Jane Robertson left GH-D in sweltering heat on the hottest day of the year (30+ degrees!) with 8 bikes & one trike and picked up a further 2 along the way. Thanks to John Holmes and Steve Cork for back marking.

Sunday 21st - Morning Madness ride - Photos

19 Bikes and 1 Trike rose early to join ride leader Chris North on a sunny Sunday Morning. The following bridges were taken: Putney (twice), Wandsworth, Battersea, Albert, Chelsea, Vauxhall, Lambeth thrice, Waterloo, Blackfriars, Southwark and Tower Bridge. Thank you to my back marker Trevor & Karen Rawlings, Graham Woods and Ken Hall Trike marker, and for the members participating.

Saturday 20th - RAF Brize Norton No.1 Parachute School ride - Photos

Sixteen people enjoyed a very informative tour around the RAF Parachute Training school. The ride, led by Roger Bonnici and ably supported by Paul Andrews and Martin Harrington as rear gunners, took a scenic but direct route to the base managing to dodge almost all rain on the way. Once there the sun shone all day long.

Fri 19th - Sun 21th : Tally-Ho Lincoln - Photos 1 | 2| 3

A wet ride up North did not dampen our spirits especially when we arrived at the campsite to find that some of our tents had already been erected by the advance party! A quick change and then it was off for a tour of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight followed by dinner at an American diner before retiring for a few drinks in our marquee on the campsite where we put the world to rights as Dave Frances played his guitar.

Saturday proved to be much better weatherwise. On the agenda was breakfast at a local cafe followed by a visit to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in the morning and the Bubble Car museum in the afternoon. Dinner was a BBQ on site.

After dinner, lighting a camp fire became the focus of the group's attention and it turned out that our fire starter (Ty Kent) had been trained in the art of survival by no less than Ray Mears. Once he had got the fire going, we were treated to an Aboriginal fire demonstration by Mike Terry.

Sunday morning was very pleasant and after we had breakfasted again at the local cafe, we were able to pack up in the sunshine before returning home. Many thanks to all who came along and particularly Chris Doody and Alasdair Denton-Miller for back marking, Dave Frances for his musical contribution, and our ground crew who did so well preparing the site in advance of our arrival on Friday.

Wednesday 17th - Fish and Chips (evening ride) - Photos

The annual evening fish & chips ride to Littlehampton on a nice warm day saw 39 Harleys roaring to the seaside for ayummy dinner and then a nice blast back. Dell Evans and Peter Ostinelli led from 2 different locations and Chris Doody brought most home!

Sunday 14th - Hamble Beach Hut Ride - Photos

Ride leader Stephen Foster led a group of 19 bikes (28 Chapter members) on a nice run down to Hamble through the Southdown's National Park. The weather was overcast with some rain to start with but soon cleared becoming mainly warm and sunny. After brunch it was off to Southampton H-D for more food and some retail therapy! Thanks to Chris North & Martin Harrington for back marking.

Saturday 13th - Chocs Away ride - Photos

11 Bikes joined ride leader Peter Ostinelli for the ride in good weather to the Gatwick Aviation Museum. One rider left their drop off position early causing the ride to break up but fortunately the backmarker had comms, was contacted and the ride was able to regroup. Once at the museum, we were treated to a private tour of the Shackleton Aircraft by an ex-serving 1st Navigator. Once finished at the museum most went there own way home and some to Ryka's for sustenance. Thanks to backmarker Alastair Denton Miller.

Friday 12th - Witley Infants School Summer Fete ride - Photos

It was back to school for ride leader Martin Harrington as he led a total of 5 bikes for the 5 mile ride from GH-D to the Milford school fete and show off the bikes for the children and parents. Thanks to Alasdair Denton Miller who was on back marking duty.

Fri 12th - Sun 14th : Somme - Photos 1 | 2

Thursday 11th - Committee Meeting

First committee meeting since the re-election of Dell Evans as Chapter Director and the appointment of David Hardcastle as Secretary.

Tues 9th - Thurs 11th : Poole Bike Night - Photos 1 | 2 | 3

Monday 8th July - John McCabe ride - Photos

Seven members of the Chapter answered a last minute call from long time friends, Tim Clancy and John McCabe, to ride Harleys on retirement. A short excursion to The Parrot in Forest Green was a welcome opportunity to share some Harley spirit and tick another box off their bucket list.

Saturday 6th - Capel or Coast ride - Photos

Malcolm Bradly led an impromptu ride consisting of 5 bike and a trike to West beach at Littlehampton. After a walk on the beach we retired to the Ship and Anchor Pub at Ford for a very pleasant lunch. We then rode back to the Hogs on Farm site in time for the afternoon games.

Saturday 6th - Welldiggers ride - Photos

Paul Cutler led a small group consisting of 6 bikes and one trike from GH-D to the Welldiggers Pub in Petworth to meet up with Howard and campers from Hogs on the Farm. A scenic route was taken to avoid both Godalming and Petworth for obvious reasons. As there was no road crew available Paul requested the Trike rider to be backmarker. He agreed willingly. As discussed with riders there were no drop-offs as I could see the back-marker at each junction. Arrived without incident and on-time at Welldiggers.

Friday 5th - Hogs on the Bridge ride - Photos

Fri 5th - Sun 7th : Hogs On The Farm - Photos 1 | 2

A weekend supported by over 70 members and their partners (and dogs). With many camping and enjoying the sunshine along with the trailer ride to the pub on Friday, Saturday ride out, tour of the farm by tractor and hilarious Harley games. The bands were great, food excellent and the company made it a party atmosphere. Many thanks to Howard for arranging it, Robin and Gary plus their team of helpers for the catering and the many members who mucked in with the work.

Thursday 4th - Club Night - Photos

Wednesday 3rd - Classic Cars 2 (evening ride) - Photos

Monday 1st - Moto Mondays @ GH-D - Photos

Last in this series of monthly bike nights at GH-D for this year.


Sunday 30th - GH-D @ Brooklands - Photos

Sunday 30th - Hanworth Classic ride - Photos

Saturday 29th - Crofton Beam Engines & Motorcycle Festival ride - Photos

Alasdair Dention-Miller led a small but perfectly formed ride of 6 bikes total from the Princess Royal 50 miles to Crofton using a mix of A and B roads. Mainly A roads to get around Basingstoke, then lovely quiet B roads through little villages for the last 30 miles to Crofton. He then led most of the group back to GH-D using the A303 and M3 for a faster return! Weather was scorchio! Thanks to Jez Bevan for back marking.

Fri 28th - Mon 1st : Normandy - Photos

Woody (Graham Woods) supported by Steve Foster led this years Normandy - Brittany invasion group, setting off on the Newhaven - Dieppe ferry for an ‘Old School’ crossing that included a full English on the ship, followed by a sunny ride to the hotel for a refreshing beer and a cool dip in the pool.

Saturday morning was scorching recording temperatures of over 100f on route to Mont St Michel. The flat sandy beaches of Brittany allowed a cooling breeze creating ideal conditions and setting the mood for Sunday's ride along the cool coastal roads of Normandy to some of the famous invasion beaches. Perfect weather for a great weekend.

Sunday 23rd - Slow Riding Course 1 - Photos

The first of the slow riding courses took place at Gibraltar Barracks with 13 members from Hogsback attending along with 6 RoSPA members. RoSPA also provided 4 instructors for the event which was enjoyed by all that attended. Donations of £190 was received and half given to RoSPA to give to a charity of their choice, which was the Air Ambulance, and the other half given to the barracks for their charity which was the Camp welfare house. Vince Pyle was ably assisted by Pete Hillier and Chris Doody.

Saturday 22nd - Midnight Madness (evening ride) - Photos

A puncture on Paul’s bike was plugged with Woody’s kit by marshals within a 10 min pit stop. The ride then commenced on time from Ryka’s led by Graham Woods on a beautiful midsummers evening with a huge turnout of Hogsback marshals safely escorting the group of 42 bikes through the intriguing London & City evening route ‘photo bombing’ major landmarks on the way. Thanks to all for your support.

Friday 21st - Guildford Prom ride (evening ride) - Photos

8 members made a young girls dream come true and also won her “Best entrance” prize and given there was another group of bikes this was no mean feat! Julian Bennett led the ride (instead of Robin Seymour) as he knew both where Fern lived and where the destination was! We then went for a swift half afterwards. No mishaps and a short but nice ride with £50 donated to Chapter charities.

Sunday 16th - Beaulieu Custom Car and Motorcycle Show ride - Photos

13 intrepid Chapter members joined ride leader Andy Englands and braved the rain on a damp Father’s Day determined to ride to the New Forest. Once we got past the squalls on the A3 it brightened up and a quick blast down the A31 soon got us through to the New Forest and the show. The Hot Rod and Custom show never disappoints and the sun shone off the chrome and paintwork of some of the most beautiful vehicles to grace our roads. Big thanks to Roger Bonnici and John Holmes for giving up their day for us and back marking.

Saturday 15th - Oakey Dokey ride - Photos

Good weather mostly held out for the whole ride and the lucky 16 that joined ride leader Roger Bonnici were rewarded with riding through some of Surrey's scenic 'Areas Of Natural Beauty' culminating with tasty culinary delights at The Surrey Oaks pub in Newdigate who managed to feed them all within 90 minutes! Thanks to Andy England and Paul Cutler for their road crewing assistance.

Fri 14th – Sun 16th : Carry On Up the Darts - Photos 1 | 2 | 3

At 10am, Road Captain Chris North led 22 members (consisting of 8 bikes, 3 trikes, and one car - due to injury!) from GH-D. The weather along the A31 and A35 was reasonable, stopping for a lovely snack over looking Lyme Bay at Felicity’s Farm Shop. Onwards to Paignton along the A303, A30, short distance on M5 then A380.

What a majestic site the Palace Hotel is, overlooking the sea and only a short walk to the pier. Beautifully refurbished rooms along with full Spar facilities. Dinner consisted of 6 courses with plenty of booze to wash it down and for loosing up any inhibitions! Karen Rawlings was Quiz Master, assisted by her husband Trevor. Later that evening we had a dance off with a Bowls Group from Yeovil. A comic and a crooner gave us the entertainment.

The following morning, nestling hangovers, we walked to the steam railway and boarded the train to Kingswear. The smell of the coal fired engine and smoke brought back school boy memories. Travelling down the beautiful Dart Valley in glorious sunny weather, arriving at Kingswear where we boarded a ferry for the short hop across the River Dart to Dartmouth. An hour was spent in town until we boarded the cruise up the river to Totnes, such wonderful countryside. Having arrived there, lunch was targeted by everyone, leaving on the 4:20pm bus to the hotel.

Guess what, Ken Hall decided on giving a ride to two ladies from the Bowls group. Another 6 course meal and for some, an early retirement due to the excesses of the previous evening, including the writer! Following day chocks away for a safe ride home with very little rain. Many thanks to Trevor Rawlings and Paul Andrews for being the back markers, where the trikes were continually kept in the loop as per procedure, shepherded by Ken Hall who did a grand job looking after them. Thanks also to Karen Rawlings our Quiz Master and Dancing Queen.

Sunday 9th - Southwick Revival ride - Photos

Saturday 8th - Shepperton Village Fair ride - Photos

Weatherwise, it was a most peculiar weekend for Shepperton Village Fair. A major storm swirled around the area for two days keeping the Fair site at its dry and clement eye the whole time. As a result 8,000 people enjoyed this annual event which kicked off with a large Procession through the High Street. Leading the Procession was Dik and more than a dozen other Hogsback bikes, which were all then featured in a static display in the main Arena. A great day - despite the forecast!

Fri 7th - Wed 19th : Ride to Cascais 2019 - Photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Despite the ferry breaking down and the route having to be changed last minute, all went well and nobody broke down or had an accident and only one person leaned their bike over a little too far in a car park. In addition to the Snow Storm on top of the Pecos mountains, we had great hotels and good riding weather. All in all, a very good trip.

Thursday 6th - Club Night - Photos

Monday 3rd - Moto Mondays @ GH-D - Photos

Another warm sunny evening spent chatting, kicking bike tyres, eating pizza and drinking beer!

Sunday 2nd - Hawk Conservancy Trust ride - Photos

Trevor Rawlings led approximately 20 bikes from The Princess Royal along a variety of A roads, country lanes, Twisties and some semi "green lanes" to the Hawk Conservancy in Andover. Back markers were Chris North and Ken Hall. Great day had by all enjoying some impressive aerial bird displays including a Golden Eagle and Secretary bird. Many found their own way home but some led part way home at the end of the day and there were no mishaps!

Saturday 1st - Observed Ride 1 - Photos

The first of the observed rides took place with 6 members present which was a disappointingly low number. A presentation of about an hour was followed by the 5 observers, Vince Pyle, Chris Doody, Pete Hillier, Steve Routh and Jon Woodhouse taking a participant each for a ride of approx. 45 minutes. Feedback was offered at the completion of the ride. 3 of the participants have already signed up for advanced training.



Fri 31st - Mon 3rd : Beatlemania - Photos

4 Bikes and 3 trikes left Blackbushe for Liverpool and a weekend steeped in Beatlemania with the added bonus of a ticker tape parade for the Champions League winning Liverpool football team and a celebration of arts and music around the Albert Dock. Led by Malcolm Bradly and ably back marked by Jim Cordell on his trike, the weekend included: two visits to the Cavern club; a taxi ride and commentated tour of all the Beatle’s sites; a visit to the Beatles museum; a ferry trip across the Mersey and excellent food and companionship.

Thu 30th - Sun 2nd : A Bridge Too Far - Photos

Half a dozen Harley set off across Europe in what became the hottest weekend on the year at + 35. Lovely roads (NO potholes) lots of windmills, bridges, ferries, Dykes, tunnels past as we entered into what had been locations of sheer devastation in the early 40’s. Some great little hotels including an x Convent gave everyone an opportunity to socialize. Even with Vince leaving his ignition on over-night the group kept together and found the time to reflect at places that needed respect. Holland what a great country! Thanks to Dik & Gary M for sweeping at the back.

Monday 27th - Custom Cafe @ Pevensey Levels ride - Photos

Road Captain Chris North, along with back markers Andy Parker and Alasdair Denton-Miller, led 17 bikes (19 people) on a 70 mile journey from Cobham Services to The Custom Cafe Bexhill-On-Sea. The weather was good and light traffic riding through Surrey and Sussex roads.

Unfortunately a riding member of the group became unwell during a quick rest stop at a BP service station 16 miles from the Cafe. Paul Andrews (Assistant Director) & Brett Speed (Editor) stayed behind with the member.

The group then continued to the reserved tables at The Custom Cafe where a hearty breakfast ensued and leaving just prior to a rock band setting up on stage. The unwell member was seen by medical professionals, returned home with the generous assistance of Paul Andrews and recovery of the bike.

Sunday 26th - Seaford Surprise ride - Photos

Dik Gregory led a lovely ride of 25 bikes and one trike through the leafy lanes of Surrey and Sussex down to Seaford. Perfect riding weather, it stayed dry all the way with a refreshing drop of 5C when we hit the coast. Some went for the roast dinner and some went for a cuppa and cake on the beach. And some found out what the surprise was - but if you weren't there we’re not going to spoil it for next year!

Saturday 25th - Bike Shed Custom ride - Photos

Fri 24 - Sun 26th : Mons Steak-Out - Photos

Sunday 19th - Tangmere Museum ride - Photos

Trevor Rawlings' entourage of 14 bikes set off from BK with Chris North with Paul Andrews backmarking. He picked up one more bike in Petworth, spent a few hours at the museum before leading the ride back to Milford where the ride ended. The only mishap on the day was Fred leaving his ignition on whilst in the museum! Jump leads borrowed and soon his bike was started for the return trip.

Saturday 18th - New Members Ride 2 - Photos

The second new members ride of 2019 had 4 new members attend the presentation with 30+ members supporting the following ride out in 3 Groups to Cowfold. Following a bite to eat the ride consolidated with a large ride back to GH-D.

Friday 17th - Iron HOG II - Photos

Malcolm Bradly led Alasdair Denton-Miller, Dave Hollis, Don Wibberley plus Chris and Malcolm from Thames Valley Chapter on this endurance ride.

Wednesday 15th - Respect to the Few ride - Photos

Paul Andrews led 8 bikes from GH-D on a countryside route to darkest Westerham and the recently opened Museum there steeped in the history of the famous fighter station. Followed by tea and cake. The weather was excellent for the trips there and back.

Monday 13th - Moto Mondays @ GH-D - Photos

A warm sunny evening spent chatting, kicking bike tyres, eating pizza and drinking beer!

Sunday 12th - Boathouse Breakfast ride - Photos

Saturday 11th - Megalithic Stones ride - Photos

This was not the best attended ride out, so with Malcolm Bradly leading and Liz Getgood tailing the two of us had a very pleasant day by changing the route and riding some minor roads, through some very pretty villages, to Avebury. An excellent lunch was taken sitting in the sun outside the Red Lion Pub. We then enjoyed a pleasant ride home.

Sat 11th - Sun 12th : The Return of the Wight Night - Photos 1 | 2

Like a wagon train crossing the mid- west Hogsback Chapter rolled out of GH-D towards the hunting grounds of the Isle of Wight. Losing count of how many bikes the train finally arrived in one piece and crammed into Portsmouth ferry slip way before consuming most of the lower deck on the ferry (and the food and drink in the café onboard). Perfect weather, lovely open riding roads along with a great new hotel venue made the IoW weekend one never to miss. A super social evening like ‘Blazing saddles’ with out the beans! Nice one Andy & Carroll. Ranch hands Dik, Carl & Paul C.

Thursday 9th - Committee Meeting

Amongst other topics discussed, Brett Speed and Czes Wicherek were confirmed as Editor and Webmaster respectively for another three years.

Monday 6th - Coast ride - Photos

Chris Doody led 23 bikes from GH-D to go to Littlehampton via devious back roads to have brunch at the East Beach cafe. Some of the riders decided to carry along the coast to enjoy the fleshpots of Brighton and a few to sample ice cream further along the prom. 9 bikes came with Chris returning to Milford via little use backroads. Thanks to Alasdair Denton-Miller and Andy Parker for backmarking.

Sunday 5th - Highway to Highcliffe ride - Photos

Andy William led the 26 bikes and 30 people who turned up on a dry but chilly morning for a 2 hour ride to Highcliffe covering a total of 150 miles on the day. Thanks to back markers Paul Cutler and Martin Harrington.

Saturday 4th - International Female ride - Photos

Liz Getgood led 1 bike (new rider) and 1 trike (newish rider) to the Devils Dyke on a windy and winding route with just a few short sharp showers. Lunch was had over looking the great views and a 99 ice cream - what more do you need!

Saturday 4th - Star Wars Day ~ A New Hop(e) ride - Photos

Alasdair Denton-Miller led 10 bikes (11 members) on a 70 mile loop through Surrey and Sussex to the Hepworth Brewery near Pulborough and a tour of the brewery. It was then on to Billy’s on the Road Cafe for something to eat before returning to GH-D. Nice weather, if a little bit cold and thanks to Ken Hall and Martin Harrison back marking.

Fri 3rd - Mon 6th : Cider Rally - Photos 1 | 2

John Holmes led a group of fifteen party people down to the first big Rally of the season stopping at Thruxton and Cheddar Gorge en route. We joined up with other Chapter members who had made their own way down so that the Hogsback contingent numbered just over 20 souls. Great entertainment from the live bands over the three nights with the highlight for many being the comedic performance of 'Amy Housewine'.

The weather proved to be kind to us all weekend and for the return ride home which John also led. Thanks to Paul and Lynn for back marking both ways even if one of the riders present forgot how the drop off system worked on the way down, thus losing part of the ride for a while! But following the mantra of 'What goes on tour, stays on tour' that matter is now closed!

Thursday 2nd - Club Night - Photos

Check out what you missed: 1 of 600,000 Belgian statues; 2 of 37 million Canadians; 5 of 6 Iron Hog riders and 1 lucky Golden Key winner!

Wednesday 1st - Biker Down course - Photos

Wednesday 1st - Classic Cars 1 (evening ride) - Photos


Sunday 28th - Bike Shed ride - Photos

Chris North led 24 bikes & 30 members to the iconic Bike Shed in Shoreditch ... DURING the London Marathon, and despite the Mayor's anti-biking emissions rules and the Sunday drivers!

Early start at Cobham Service Station, then a nice run pass Warrs, onto the West Way flyover. As we approached Kings Cross, Cathy Robert (a Gold member of Bike Shed) moved on ahead and secured the parking and directed traffic (wearing temporary Orange tabard as supplied by Woody).

Bike Shed supplied security for the bikes, and a long table for the brunch. They have been congratulated for their enthusiastic support of the ride. Many thanks to my back markers Andy Parker and Trevor Rawlings without whom it wouldn’t have been possible.

Saturday 27th - Bucklers Hard ride - Photos

Trevor Rawlings set off with 15 bikes and was joined by 3 more at the halfway point which was Loomies (pre-agreed). The weather was bright and dry albeit windy with gale Hannah. No mishaps and thanks to back markers Paul Andrews & Chris North.

Fri 26th – Sun 28th : Iron Hog - Photos 1 | 2

6 intrepid riders set off to complete the challenge and the weather was not good. Whilst we changed the order and route to accommodate the weather the challenge was completed in the allotted time. Thanks to Charlie Gordon for backmarking after Axel had to pull out.

Fri 26th – Sun 28th : Roger’s Rumble to Ostend - Photos 1 | 2 | 3

The Chapter's first 2019 International Weekend Away saw 13 bikes and 19 members join Roger and Tracy Bonnici on their weekend rumble to Ostend to savour Flemish stew, Belgian beer and fantastic roads with the West Flanders Chapter. Many thanks for the supporting road crew of Andy England and Dik Gregory keeping the group together.

Monday 22nd - BH - Easter Monday Breakfast ride - Photos

Alasdair Denton-Miller led 24 bikes and one trike at a good pace and kept that up all the way, with the group staying together and tight throughout to Lobster Pot cafe in Felpham. The lovely warm weather was a perfect end to a great Easter Monday ride. Everyone had breakfast and were all gone by 11.00am. Thanks to Ken Hall and Paul Cutler for back marking.

Sunday 21st - Crocodile ride - Photos

17 bikes met up at an unearthly hour to go off to The Crocs. We stopped for a carvery at lunchtime having had a coffee break on route. No incidents or accidents and a huge thank you to Chris Doody and Axel Thill for watching the rear. - Robin Seymour

Saturday 20th - Easter Egg Run ride - Photos

The weather was very good as Liz Getgood led the ride from GH-D to the Childrens Trust at Tadworth .... though not so good for the Easter eggs we took! There were 29 bikes and a trike parked up at the Easter fair where we handed over the eggs and donations to the trust before checking out the stalls and then going on to the Tree Boxhill for lunch. Thanks to Pete Ostinelli, Chris North and Pete Hillier for their back marking.

Friday 19th - LoH Lunch - Photos

12 of the Ladies of Harley gathered at the Red Lion Shamley Green for a lovely meal lots of conversation and made the most of the wonderful weather. Looking forward to the next one!

Friday 19th - A Flying Visit ride - Photos

Dell Evans and Peter Ostinelli led 23 Harleys on a ride through the scenic sunny countryside to Headcorn Airfield. Sat in the sunshine outside the cafe watching people throw themselves out of air-planes before returning home - a lovely day.

Sunday 14th - Let's Go Crazy ride - Photos 1 | 2

18 hardy Harley Hogsback guys and girls braved the cold start with ride leader Stephen Foster for a fun day on the South Coast playing crazy golf. Nice venue with café and 'indoor' crazy golf should the weather prove to be nasty. The A team (Andy No pants & Alasdair) kept everyone safe, Peter and Roger captured the fun. A bottle of bubbly was presented to the winner: Little John.

Saturday 13th - Newmarket H-D ride - Photos

A very cold start to my ride from Cobham services to Newmarket H-D and their HUGE dealership (lots of room) via Lakeside H-D for coffee and doughnuts, dodging rain showers that sometimes turned to hail on the way up. Then following the sat nav which led us to where I'm sure I could hear banjos playing through huge fields of bright yellow rape seed back home. Only 8 riders meant that we made good progress all day. Many thanks to Peter Ostinelli for back marking and Dell Evans for being on stand-by incase there were 10 of us on the ride! - Chris Doody

Monday 8th - Moto Mondays @ GH-D - Photos

Second of a series of monthly bike nights at GH-D running throughout the year.

Sunday 7th - Sea Lane Café ride - Photos

On an overcast April morning, Gary Tew led 17 Harleys down to Goring–on–Sea travelling along single lane carriageways with some nice sweeping bends. The rain that was forecast held off and we even managed some sunshine down at the café. Although busy, we were all fed and watered and after saying our goodbyes to a few club members that met us there we took a swift ride homewards along the A24. Thanks to Ken Hall and Alasdair Denton-Miller for taking on the back marking duties.

Saturday 6th - GHD-2-SHD-2-MHD-2-GHD ride - Photos

Peter Ostinelli led 30 riders and 1 pillion on this 150 ride. Meeting at GH-D, the first stop was at Sykes H-D and a tour of their custom build area. Whilst at Sykes a further 2 riders joined for the tour.

The second leg to Maidstone H-D saw the ride break up a bit with 11 riders returning home leaving 19 heading off to the next stop. Once at Maidstone H-D, coffee was consumed and when a look around the dealership finished it was decided that the last part for the way back would be on the motorway. Thanks to the back markers: Chris Doody, Dell Evans, Alastair Denton-Miller and John Holmes.

Thursday 4th - Club Night - Photos

Back to the Princess Royal for another busy evening.


Sunday 31st - Ardingly Show ride - Photos

Great ride today on the first day of Summer. John Holmes left Newlands Corner with 14 bikes en-route to Ardingley for the Classic Bike Show. Good progressive ride there and back finishing at Ryka's, nice one John! Thanks to back markers Peter Ostinelli and Andy Williams.

Saturday 30th - New Members Ride 1 - Photos

A warm sunny day saw a massive turnout for the New Members Ride! So the assembled were split into 4 riding groups, led by Graham Woods, Dell Evans, Vince Pyle and Robin Seymour respectively.

Sunday 24th - Pioneer Run ride - Photos

Riders on 7 bikes joined Ride Leader Howard Pullen on a cool misty but dry morning at 8.00am and watched the start of the 80th Pioneer Run at Tattenham corner, Epsom Racecourse we assembled in the Rubbing House pub car park and followed the new route down to Shoreham where we met up with another couple of members for a superb breakfast at Teddy's Tea Room on the High Street in Shoreham. Then 7 bikes proceeded to Madeira Drive in Brighton to see the old timers and their bikes arrive a lovely day out said Grommett.

Saturday 23rd - GH-D Birthday Party - Photos

Aaron and his team at GH-D celebrated their tenth Birthday in some style with a very busy party at the Dealership that featured live entertainment, hog roast, and trade stands.

So a big thank you to Aaron and his team at GH-D especially Bob who made the coffee table, and to all those from the Chapter who got involved with helping out with traffic control, manning the Chapter stall dealing with membership renewals and queries, selling tickets for the charity raffle and LoH Tombola, and with the LoH refreshments. And the weather was kind improving as the day went on. You raised ......wait ........(its like an X factor result) ...... wait ......£2,469 WOW !

Sunday 17th - ABC 1 ride - Photos

Well what a lovely day, two determined riders joined Axel and ride leader Robin Seymour on a beautiful sunny day off to Wiltshire. It was a little on the chilly side to start with (6 degrees rising to 11.5 at lunchtime) which might have deterred some from joining. It just made it quicker and more fun and even with a lunch stop and a coffee stop we were back home for 4.00pm.

We 'collected' Bentley, New Alresford, Itchen Abbas, Stockbridge, Grateley, Quarley, Thruxton Down, Wiltshire, Zeals, Dorset, Mere, Kingston Deverill, Hill Deverill and Longbridge Deverill. Good time had by all and no drama’s.

Saturday 16th - Battle Cafe ride - Photos

Steve Routh led 9 other bikes on a ride along a good and varied selection of A and B roads as well as one small motorway section! The weather was better than expected for most of the ride with only one shower of driving rain. Yummy breakfast were consumed by all, with Steve having two: one at Ryka's and one at Route 1066 café !! Thanks to Jane R and ADM for backmarking.

Sunday 10th - SoS Nutcracker Breakfast ride - Photos

Graham Woods led the 8.30am 'Start of Season' ride. Following the evening storm, a hardy group of riders decided to set off for the coast dodging windfall debris and strong winds. It was a pleasant surprise when we were greeted in Bognor by blue sky and brilliant sunshine. A full English was followed by a leisurely ride and we were back home by midday. Thanks to RC Henning Roesch and Andy Parker who took the fabulous Sussex landscape pictures.

Saturday 9th - New Road Crew Training - Part 2- Photos

The four new Road Crew prospects must now organise a ride for Road Crew Only from GH-D all 4 are expected to give a pre-ride brief then take turns at Leading, Sweeping and dealing with a faux breakdown procedure stopping the ride at a safe location while observed by the Head Road Captain & Safety Officer. A good RC turn out supported this training ride stopping off at Billy’s for brunch.

Thursday 7th - SoS Club Night Special - Photos 1 | 2

Awesome fashion show organised by Beth as part of Club Night at GH-D, great clothes, beautiful models ... well all except the great grand finale .... with Scary Chris Doody.

Monday 4th - Moto Mondays @ GH-D - Photos

First of a series of monthly bike nights at GH-D running throughout the year.


Saturday 23rd - Winter Ball - Photos

What a fantastic night: beautiful ladies all dressed up in their ball gowns and the men suited and booted. Hogsback Chapter do it in style, and yes, we do scrub up well! The Thatchers Hotel turned out to be a great venue and the food was really lovely. Great music from DJ Rob Paston who had everyone up on the dance floor and some great guitar action from the men with the ladies giving them a run for their money.

The Black Jack and Roulette tables, manned by professional croupiers, were full all night and great fun. No real money changed hands but the Lady and Gentleman with the most chips at the end of the night won a bottle of prosecco each (the winners were Al Denton-Miller and Marion Morris).

There was also an amazing charity raffle with all of the prizes donated by our very generous members with the Hotel also donating a great prize. We raised a lot of money for our charities. To sum up it was a brilliant night, and congratulations to our Activities Officer Eileen Ostinelli who pulled it all together.

Saturday 23rd - Road to Reading ride - Photos

Dell Evans led 35 Harleys on a short ride to Reading H-D for a burger and a coffee then Robin led us all back to GH-D. Thanks to Liz Getgood, Steve Foster and Woody for protecting the rear of the ride!

Saturday 16th - Mileage and Membership Day @ GH-D - Photos

Saturday 9th - Garage Talk on Engines - Photos

Thursday 7th - Club Quiz Night - Photos

A buzzing evening ably hosted by the team 'Top Dog' aka Dell Evans, Eileen Ostinelli, Chris Doody and John Fluker with a guest appearance from Trevor Rawlings which included him singing one of the questions though that didn't seem to dampen the spirits too much!

The 'Toothless Wonders' went on to win and in the process, earnt themselves the privilege of hosting Quiz Night next year!

Sunday 3rd - Ten Pin Bowling - Photos



Wednesday 30th - Road Crew training - Biker Down - Photos

Sunday 27th - Shooting Day at Bisley - Photos

The Annual Chapter Shoot at Bisley was hosted again by Dell and Bill. A record 16 members braced the cold and experienced shooting a variety of firearms during the morning. After a hot lunch they returned to the cold to blast away with a black powder pistols and shotgun. The Annual Chapter Shoot cup was awarded to a new member Tom.

Saturday 26th - Boot Fair @ GH-D - Photos

Chris Doody and Dell Evans were there nice and early to erect the Chapter tables and easi-ups by 09:00 am and were soon joined by Roger Bonnici, Stephen Foster, Richard Mangold and others who quickly set out the Chapter Members items for sale. Thankfully, the weather stayed dry and despite a light drizzle after lunch the busy 'Chapter salesmen' did their very best to sell what they could.

It was a very well natured event with a mobile pizza van on sight to keep the energy going for all attendees. By 2.00 pm the crowds had dissolved to just a handful and a joint decision was made to call it a day. It was a good result for all selling and after 15% of takings was deducted for our charities we counted a good balance of £388.50! Well done to all who manned the stall and thanks to Aaron and the dealership for the opportunity.

The cake stall was also a great success and managed very good sales during the Boot Fair raising £398.89. A big thank you is therefore due to all our wonderful bakers and to all the ladies who helped with the stall with a special mention for Julie Legg who ran the stall.

Saturday 19th - General Garage Talk - Photos

Saturday 19th - New Road Crew Training Day – Part 1

An inaugural presentation to the four new Road Crew prospects from Graham Woods illustrating the established Hogsback group riding style, commitments, rules and briefing new riders using our handbook illustrations followed by a screening Roger’s Hogsback group riding video and distribution of the full RC equipment, the event was supported with input from our Safety Officer Vince Pyle and Assistant Director Paul Andrews.

Friday 18th - In memory of Ian Hardy-Evans

Ian's funeral took place this afternoon.

Thursday 17th - Committee Meeting

Wednesday 16th - In memory of Simon Selby

Simon's funeral took place this afternoon.

Monday 14th - Cliff Michie's funeral - Photos

Cliff's wife Golly wants to thanks everyone who turned up to see him off in such style. A sad day was made bearable for her by all you folks who cared for him. The funeral director who has done many such events was very impressed with the escort (of over one hundred and thirty bikes) so many thanks to the road crew, you did a grand job. We are all also very grateful to GH-D for putting on a lovely spread and hosting so many after Cliff's service.

Saturday 12th - Charity Race Night - Photos

About seventy punters and jockeys joined Master of Ceremonies Howard Pullen for the second ever Hogsback Charity Race Night, with many people dressing for the occasion and everyone enjoying a social evening of fun and frolics with a fish and chip supper.

In addition to the exciting racing, the raffle was very lively and our thanks goes to all those involved in the setting up and running of the racing .... and also to all those who donated raffle prizes.

We raised the very impressive sum of £886.34 for charity on the night which has got our 2019 Chapter Charity Fund off to a great start!

Saturday 12th - LoH Garage Talk - Photos

Sunday 6th - Snowball Run - Photos

The 2019 riding season got off to a flying start with Carl leading twenty four bikes through the Surrey country side on a twisting ever changing route, enjoying lovey dry road conditions, be it a little nippy though. New and nearly new members, a sole trike rider along with a female solo rider made a real diverse mix showing a totally inclusive Chapter ride. Over fifty drop-offs were perfectly executed by the Chapter members on the ride, well done! Jack’s café in Bagshot was the final destination, where most enjoyed a gorgeous Full English, a pie or two and a good chat. Many thanks to Gary M, Dik and Andy P for the sweeping duties at the back.

Saturday 5th - Ladies Shopping Day - Photos


Thursday 3rd - Club Night - Photos

The New Year started with a visit to the Princess Royal for the first Club Night of 2019. Plenty of pals, pints and patter to be had!


2018 and Before!

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